Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Catharina Choi - Miss World Brazil 2015

Name: Catharina Choi Nunes
Born: January 24, 1990 in São Paulo, Brazil Brazil
1. Miss Korea Brazil 2013
 - 1st Runner Up
 -  the winner, Jeong Eun-ju, was dethroned. Catharina took over the place and becomes Miss Korea Brazil 2013. Catharina got her chance to compete Miss Korea 2013

2. Miss Korea 2013
 - 2nd Runner Up
 - She was not originally part of the second runners up but the Miss Korea Organization decided to take another place for the 'overseas' candidates. Catharina, being Miss Korea Brazil 2013, filled that position.

3. Miss Earth 2013 - 3rd Runner Up ( Fire )

4. Miss World Brazil 2015
 - 1st Runner Up
 - the original winner was revealed to be married to a Belgian national. Catharina took over the place and became the new Miss World Brazil 2015.

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