Sunday, 18 March 2012

Igor Lazić Niggor

Name: Igor Lazić Niggor

Niggor / Igor Lazić is a Montenegrin hip-hop and electronic artist who lives in Kotor.
He started doing music with his friend Nebojša Saveljić "Nebo" when they formed the hip hop duo "Monteniggers".

They released two albums and at the peak of their career Saveljić died in a car accident, so Iggor stopped doing music for a few years and dedicated himself to his profession and his love - sailing.

In the meantime he recorded a few songs with his friend Vlado Georgiev, and after few years of inactivity, he came up with new stage name - Niggor, for his solo career as a house music producer.

He also had a minor role in the movies "A View from the Eiffel Tower" and "Zlatne Čaklje"

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