Friday, 6 April 2012

Lady Gaga’s Audi R8 GT Turns Heads

What? Did you expect her to drive a Toyota Camry? Lady Gaga showed off her new ride, a swanky Audi R8 GT, while out on the town in Beverly Hills.

The sleek and silver sports car turned heads and inspired massive interest on the Web. Online searches for "lady gaga audi" and "lady gaga car" both redlined on Yahoo!.

On Twitter, "we love gaga's new car" became a trending topic. Comments on the social network ranged from the fawning ("I would've had a car accident, if I noticed Lady Gaga was driving in the car next to me. We Love Gaga's New Car!") to the less-than-impressed ("We Love Gaga's New Car, do you's really need to make a trend about it?, it's a car, get over it") to the jokey ("Is it made of meat too? Cool!").

The car, which sells for between $196,800 and $210,300 depending on if you want cup holders, goes 0-60 in about 3.5 seconds, according to Motor Trend. It can burn a quarter of a mile in about 11.5 seconds. Top speed is around 200 mph.

Gas mileage? Not bad. Between 13 and 19 miles per gallon. But then again, if you're worried about what you'll pay at the pump, this probably isn't the car for you.
And even so, it's as hard to find as the chupacabra. Audi produced only 333 of the supercars.

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