Friday, 11 May 2012

Miss Singapore World only wants pan-Asians

Looking for women with brains didn't work last year.

So this year, the organiser of Miss Singapore World is employing a controversial new strategy - only pan-Asian looking women need to apply.

A spokesman for Limelite Productions, which is organising the pageant, told The New Paper: "In the past, we sent girls who were really tall, really fair, had really dark hair, and who answered questions well. But the formula hasn't worked.

"So we are experimenting with different strategies, and this year, we have decided to send a representative who looks pan-Asian.

"Our definition of pan-Asian is women who have both Asian and Caucasian features.
"To achieve this, apart from picking girls with pan-Asian features, we will have their hair lightened, their skin tanned, and they will also wear contact lenses to lighten their eye colour for the rest of the competition."

Last year, the pageant organisers dumped their usual height and weight requirements and focused on finding intelligent women instead.

Potential contestants were posed tough questions like being asked for their views on infanticide in India and plastic surgery.

But it didn't work - Singapore's Miss World representative, polytechnic student May Hsu, did not earn a place in the international finals in London last November.
So this year, the organisers changed their tack.

Apart from getting women to sign up for the pageant, the organisers also took to the streets in search of pan-Asian  beauties.

Said the pageant spokesman: "Give us a chance. We are really passionate about finding a girl who can win the international finals for us."

Sumber: Daily Chilli

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